Poverty and hunger
By Monem and Llacolen, aged 10

In our country, there are many children and youngsters on the street and elderly begging.

Instead of working, children should be playing and studying!
They should not be buried in poverty… but happy, because we all have the right to be happy!

We would like all those responsible for us children to have education, health and happiness, to suffer even if it were only for day, what we children and youngsters suffer 24 hours a day.

We would like them to leave their luxury house that day and walk into the streets to see how they suffer to buy a piece of bread for that day…

Children have the right to study, no to be selling guns or anything else on the street. They have the right to be children!

We children have a lot of fun playing, we are free to play.

The country's leaders and families should support all children and youngsters on the streets, in order for their dream to become true: to study, be healthy and have a happy home.

In the country we dream of, children have fun playing, are free to study as they wish, are healthy and have families who love them, they are very happy and have lots of friends.

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