By: Jhon and Kino Arzentales aged 12

One day everybody decided to travel from one village to another, asking people for help and participation. Children, youngsters, elderly, families, ill and hungry people were marching… a whole country was marching.

From time to time, the March was loosing strength, because the ill were falling down and the hungry fainting, but at the same time, it became stronger, because more and more people joined it. The country's leaders did not care about the people dying.

The March arrived at the Presidential Palace and people claimed their rights. They asked for a "good person" to rule, someone who would not be bought, someone who would build house, more hospitals, with medicines, and who would guarantee food for all people.

From that day on, there were no more children on the street, sleeping on the ground and working instead of studying. That day meant the end of poverty.

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